Hear me heaven

Hear me heaven

Music and Lyrics by Sebastian Sylla

I saw them walking
I saw them talking
They looked as if they never looked for gold

Their happy faces
Left happy traces
Wherever they come past, a smile unfolds

Who’s that unknown stranger
Who’s that fellow man
It seems that he’s a granger
Of common land

Hear me heaven
Hear me earth
Please tell me one more secret, what it’s worth
Show me heaven
Show me earth
That life is more than what happens after birth

No matter where they wander
May it near or over yonder
They are haunted by the echoes of the word

The silent songs are ringing
And nightingales are singing
Those tunes that they have learned from the very first bird

Who’s that forgotten kid
Who’s his faithful dog
It seems that he’s quite fit
To blow the fog