Everytime I look upon you

Everytime I Look Upon You

Words and Music: Sebastian Sylla

You’ve spent a whole lifetime
Catching souls who’ve lost their way back home
And playback own desires

We’ve shared a deep longing
To find shelter from the stormy fights
And warm the nights with fire.
The fire in our hearts.

Everytime I look upon you
And everytime I see your face
I wonder is it me you belong to
Or is it just amazing grace?

Everytime I hear your laughter,
And everytime I see your smile,
I wonder how the time will be after
You have walked another mile?

You’ve been of such beauty
That only innocence can testify
It’s best to fly unfolded

We’ve been of much duty
To hear the music of the holy voice
The only choice – we mould it.
We mould it with our hearts.